Changes to projects


I have used GitHub since I first started YouTube and over the years have started many different projects. This has lead to many people being lost when searching for a particular project. Due to this some organisation had to be done. Personal projects such as Home Assistant Configs will now be hosted on the Andrewstech GitHub Repository. Public and community Projects will be hosted on Unofficial Skills GitHub Repository. Finally Completed projects and Published projects will be hosted on Rehide Smart GitHub Repository.

This new move should help people locate the projects they wish to view and allow the repository’s to become more organised. Finally projects docs now have there own sites. These sites can be found on the individual projects. The sites Include instructions on how to use the projects as well as troubleshooting.

Issues with projects can be reported on the discord server or by emailing hello@andrewstech.me

Personal GitHub: https://github.com/andrewstech

Unofficial Skills GitHub: https://github.com/unofficial-skills

Rehide Smart GitHub: https://github.com/Rehide-Smart